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A Record of Reasonable Conservatism on Issues that Count






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A Track Record of Success Drew has a proven record of results on issues that matter to people. Some of the successful legislation he has sponsored includes: More choices for end of life care without increasing costs to taxpayers.
 Landmark legislation to develop new energy sources in Wyoming.
 Expanding tools available to law enforcement to reduce DUIs.
 Strengthening grandparent visitation rights.
 Modernizing effectiveness of organ donations.
 Simplifying probate laws.
 Protecting Wyoming’s rights to develop and market its energy.
Experience & Leadership Drew has been in the private practice of law in Wyoming for over 21 years. He represents clients in their business and personal affairs, saving tax dollars, helping expand their businesses, and providing security to their families. Prior to returning to Wyoming to attend law school, he was an accountant, rising to the level of chief financial officer of a high-tech company in Virginia. He has over 30 years of management, law, and real life experience in how businesses and families prosper. Drew has a reputation for integrity, innovation, and effectiveness. Drew’s education includes: B.S., Accounting (1980). CPA M.S., Taxation (1983) J.D. (1992)
A Strong Record of
Supporting Liberty Drew has a strong record of defending property rights and our civil liberties, especially those in the Bill of Rights and the Wyoming Constitution. He is a consistent advocate of protecting the free exercise of faith, life, and traditional marriage, while respecting the rights of others to live their lives as they choose. He understands the need to resist laws that strip our rights and civil liberties a little at a time.
Servant Leadership Drew has a long history of public service:
 Wyoming State Senate (12 years). Drew was Senate Vice President in 2015-2016, and is currently the Senate Majority Floor Leader
 Former Natrona County Commissioner (4 years)
 Current Director, Boys & Girls Club of Central Wyoming
(18 years)
 Former Director, Casper Downtown Development Authority
(8 years)
 Former Director, Wyoming Special Olympics (2 years)
 Former Director, Casper Classic Stage Bicycle Race (4 years)
 Former volunteer coach for Casper youth soccer, BSA Scoutmaster, and March of Dimes
Wyoming Roots Drew grew up in Wyoming, attending kindergarten through 12th grade in Casper. His wife, Kristie, is a Wyoming native who also grew up in Casper. Drew and Kristie raised their two children in Wyoming and are proud grandparents.
Unfinished Business Drew has unfinished business in Cheyenne: Expand Wyoming’s economy and its diversification to provide opportunities for our children and grandchildren.
 Protect and enhance responsible development and of Wyoming’s energy resources.
 Control state spending while expanding savings.
 Vigilance against continued encroach-ment by federal government.
 Maintain and improve transportation infrastructure. 
 Protect Wyoming’s wildlife and improve access and habitat.

“We can prepare for Wyoming’s future by preserving the best of its past, investing in its people, and recognizing and embracing innovation and opportunity.  I have a record and a reputation of integrity and service that demonstrates a balance of vision and conservative realism in moving Wyoming forward."



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